15 Reasons to Date an Engineer

Deciding on dating an engineer? Listed below are 15 factors why you really need to:

1. Your parents will agree.

2. You will usually have a pencil when you need it. Only look behind his or her ear.

3. Can’t perform some mathematics? The time would like to solve those issues for you.

4. If you buy a home collectively, it’ll be structurally seem.

5. Conflict quality is approached in a peaceful, logical way.

6. No pretentious food options. Just keep the refrigerator stocked with beer.

7. The clocks on your own kitchen stove and DVD member might be ready and synched.

8. Engineers are often upwards for a challenge.

9. Anxiety and stress in a connection is workable. Designers cannot try to escape from problems.

10. No lazy ways to dating right here. Designers are able to “do it right initially.”

11. Possible joke about rubbing and gravitational interest.

12. Have actually computer system issues? Your own big date can eliminate “bugs” for your family.

13. Those broken gizmos in your house gets fixed — and possibly enhanced.

14. Must chat late at night? Designers are capable of all-nighters.

15. Engineers are acclimatized to dressed in bands. Simply sayin’.


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